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Painless Pivots
to Power

Have you ever woken up and asked

"How am I here...again?"

Allyson Roberts wants to open your eyes to the magic that’s hiding inside of you!

When you tap into that power, Shame and Guilt lose their grip on your life. What you will gain from your work with Allyson and her programs is best described as NEW outcomes. These are derived from very directive cognitive-behavioral systems along with steps to connect more deeply with your soul. The combination of science and spirituality is the winning combination for lasting and effective change.

Along with this you’ll receive:

Group support and camaraderie


Accountability partner

Spiritual tools

Lifestyle guidance and direction

Thought models to implement change

Skills and strategies to help combat feelings of confusion and overwhelmingness

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Every journey starts with one conscious step
Make today the day you choose to step forward

Through this 3-day webinar series, Allyson will guide participants to explore the core of their personal struggles and work through them utilizing the power of their conscious mind. The holistic approach considers that the complexities of individuals’ stories are rooted in a past that needs to be acknowledged. 'Painless Pivots to Power' presents a process that allows the individuals to stand in their personal power drawing upon skills presented throughout the week.

'Painless Pivots to Power' is the first step to working with Allyson and Outrageous Freedom. During the webinar week, participants will have the opportunity to identify their individual best steps forward with a 1-on-1 private discussion with Allyson.

If you’re ready to change your life and start living authentically - register NOW (for only $27!) to take your first painless pivot to power!

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Currently taking registrations for series running on May 10-12th.

The webinar lasts runs 1 hour each day at 1:00 pm and is accessible via Zoom.

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“Allyson CARES! She uses the scientific approach, which is something I NEED, along with a spiritual flare, which has been surprisingly wonderful. Unapologetic Power helped me find ME. It helped me stop feeling shame and guilt for stuff that wasn’t even mine to carry around. It’s given me techniques that I carry with me in every situation and use all the time. Everyone around me notices that I’ve genuinely shifted into a happier, calmer, and more loving human. I also finally started my own gig, and in the first month netted $10K, so that’s not too shabby, either.”   

- Stacie L.

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the Spiritual Journey

Amazon Best Seller

When Allyson found herself pregnant and living in her car, feeling lost, fearful, and abandoned, she relied on reading Napoleon Hill and tapping into spiritual guidance. Allyson wasn’t sure she would survive, or that the child growing inside of her would make it, but she knew that she had the power to turn things around if she could just get her mind focused on what she wanted. Being aware that she would have to believe what she was thinking, and even though this was an uphill battle in her unbearable circumstances, she took a chance and changed everything.

Years later, Allyson is ready to share her story so that you can find your true path. If you know that life is calling you to step into greater things, this book has found you for that reason.

Inside this book you will discover:

  • That your past does not have to dictate your future and how you can break free from patterns that keep you bound to it.

  • Why others expect you to behave the way that makes them feel comfortable and how to make your needs, desires, and feelings non-negotiable.

  • Effective ways to change it all so that you can finally step into your true self.

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“My journey with Allyson has been remarkable! Her program, Unapologetic Power, (even just replays) has changed my life! I was an angry man wrapped up in material things. When COVID hit, my career took a sharp turn, and it was then I realized that I needed to get myself together. Since working with her, I’ve tripled my income (complete side effect), worked out my relationship, and am FINALLY a happy man!”

- Mike R.

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- Carri B

“I remember when I started Unapologetic Power, Allyson telling me that I wouldn’t recognize myself in six months! Truer words have never been spoken! I’m now working my soul purpose, making money at it (something I NEVER believed was possible), AND more than anything, I’ve learned how to work through triggers, stay calm, stop living in fear and LOVE myself. Unapologetic Power helped transform me into the being I always knew was inside of me.”

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