Unapologetic Power

Release Blocks | Activate Prosperity | Align with Purpose

A 6-month mastermind - group & private coaching! 

“Why does this keep happening?!"

You’re a growth seeker, a goal-setter, a “fixer” but for some reason, you have triggers and patterns that STILL hold you down. Even after all these years…


You want to change, but how is that possible when you can’t see where it’s coming from?

What if you had access to a professional, intuitive coach on your side?


Someone with decades of experience in helping people achieve true transformation?


And you had access to them for 6 straight months?

I came to Allyson for help with my career and had no idea that shame and guilt was even a factor. She helped me see something that I wouldn’t have otherwise understood in this lifetime. Finally, I understand how it’s all connected and can move on with the life I’ve always wanted. 
-Shirley L. 

Psychic, healer, and owner of Outrageous Freedom. I’ve spent a LIFETIME helping people from all walks of life, all over the globe, get to the root of their pain so they can be free to experience true joy.

The key is consistency.  When you become a detective in your daily life with the right guidance, you'll become flooded with new insights and ah-ha's around your behaviors, patterns, and triggers.  

My mission is to not only help you heal, but to give you the tools so that you can heal yourself. 

Hi, I'm Allyson,


The Program



6 Months

Power Hour

Each participant will receive a Power Hour. Before we meet, you’ll fill out a questionnaire about your past, present, and future goals so we hit the ground running. We’ll then roll up our sleeves and identify one personal and professional goal, which becomes our central focus for this six-month timespan. 

Group Meetings

Every week there are hour-long group video classes. Here, we’ll conquer money issues, relationship blockages, family drama, self-sabotage, and most importantly, celebrate successes. In this intimate setting, I’ll answer questions, give hot-seat coaching, and intuitive guidance – for even more individual attention.


Stop Shilting on Yourself™ Online Program, FREE (Retails for $479.00)

Upon signing up, you’ll gain instant access to this 8-module video course, which is the foundation of what I teach about shame and guilt or SHILT™, as you’ll learn to call it. This program helps you immediately access, observe, and work through shilt in all areas of family, money, love, and self-esteem. 

Drop-in Meditations - 4xs a Month

4xs a month, you'll receive drop-in meditations in the Facebook group based on what I feel that you need most. These are recorded so you'll have them at your disposal to enjoy again and again. Requests are always welcome. 


Videos, Modules, & Meditations – Oh my! 

Over the past 20 years, I’ve developed a library of meaty bonus videos, modules, meditations, handouts, and more. Some topics include Money Mindset, Intro to Chakras, Inner Child Work, Manifesting, Relationship Projections (grudges, anger, blame), Grief, etc. During our time together, I freely give you any resources that I believe will support your journey.

The Investment



  • Power Hour (with me) -  $250 value

  • 6 months of weekly group coaching with me - $5,500 value

  • 24 drop-in meditations - $600 value

  • The Stop Shilting on Yourself™ video program -  $479 value

                  A value of almost 7,000!




You Pay

$2500 total
That's over 4,000 off! 

Installment Plans: 2-pay of $1,250 or 5-pay of $500

VIP Private Coaching

Want more of me?


Upgrade and receive everything above plus:


  • 2 coaching calls per month for 6 months. 


Pay an additional: $997 in full

Monthly payments - $167 extra per month for 6 months.




That’s about $165 per session, the cost of a mid-level therapist who probably doesn’t see the future... ;) 

Your FAQs

If you’re still on the fence, wondering if you have the time, money, and energy to focus on yourself right now, ask yourself this:  

What is it costing you to stay the same?

I've never once regretted investing in myself.

Life is short, so make every moment count. Let me show you how. 

xo Allyson