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A deep meditation brought all of this to life. I saw brilliant leaders, books in hand, commanding the TEDx stage. I watched not fully understanding until I heard 

"Build it!" 

And so it is! 

Welcome to your launching pad! Where you rise above the crowd and make your impact at last...


"Author Your Ambition: Become a Bestseller and Take the TEDx Spotlight"

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Allyson Roberts, Founder


Unlocking the door to thought leadership and authoritative influence with our exclusive program crafted for aspiring visionaries like you.


Welcome to a journey that transforms successful business leaders into globally recognized changemakers.

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Candy Cotton

What I know to be true...

 Your impact is waiting for you to make a Power Move!

Yes, you're going to have to make your move.


Impact is about positioning yourself in a place of authority with credibility and confidence.


If you're reading this, you're ready!


Your people are searching for you. 

Here's the thing...You are a change maker, dream weaver, and revolutionary. You know that all it takes is one phrase or story to ignite the fire  to make the difference you long to make. The thing is, you're not making an impact where you are right now and it hurts. Your social posts are doing okay - not great. You're still having to prepare launches where people may or may not show up. (You're noticing lately that a lot less people are showing up.)


It's frustrating because you know that you were born for more, you just have no idea how to get there or where to start. 

You've been craving to step onto a stage or into a board room where you know the moment you speak, you will turn the tide for those lucky enogh to be in your presence. You can see yourself signing books, perhaps at the back of the room where you just presented, and meeting your ideal clients through meaningful connection. 

So how do you make this all come to pen a best seller, speak on the TEDx stage, and take your seat at the table?  To be hired to speak at events or workshops making the money you know you're worth?  To finally be in the Spotlight traveling to your next event or collaborating with other business leaders who also make power moves? 

Welcome to Launched! The inspirational community for thought leaders desiring to take their success to the next level through writing and speaking.  



Purple Curtain

If your business is generating over six-figures a year in revenue, and you consider it to be successful, I encourage you to speak with me about this exclusive opportunity! I'd love to learn more about you, and help you see if LAUNCHED! could be a great fit for you and your ambitions. Writing a book and preparing for a TEDx is a commitment that requires your dedication and "all-in" attitude. 


JANUARY 20253 spaces left!

We will spend five glorious days writing in the beautiful peace of Sedona, Arizona. The dates are July 8th (arrive and settle) to July 12th (depart). 

This time is mandatory as you begin your book. If you are not able to make the trip, you will still participate in your book writing and creation in two extended sessions online.

Location TBD

FOUNDER: Allyson Roberts
   Entrepreneur + Coach

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Voted Top 100 Coaches in the World, Allyson Roberts has designed award winning programs for over twenty years. She received international recognition for her groundbreaking approach to behavioral transformation. She’s the author of five best sellers, a TEDx speaker and organizer, and has been featured on Fox, ABC, NBC and  radio shows and podcasts. Allyson created LAUNCHED! after seeing a need for ambitious thought leaders who need a one-stop-shop for massive impact and credibility along with support, encouragement and accountability.

Inquire Now to Learn More

I need to gather a bit of information here. Once I have it, someone from my team will be in touch to schedule a time to speak with me. I can't wait to meet you!

Online Meeting
Library Bookshelves


Breathtaking Book

You haven't come through the fire to have your story watered down. We won't allow that to happen. From cover to cover, your book is going to represent your expertise told from your heart and soul. This is what draws people to you and we have the expertise to make that happen! From your first word to your back cover, we have you!


Successful Book Launch

A book launch is not three social media posts and a  prayer. It requires strategy, skill, and scheduling. With our guidance, you will hit best seller status in multiple categories on Amazon if you follow our lead. We will walk you through building a network, and provide  you with all of your launch materials so that your success is guaranteed. 


TEDx Talk

We prepare you and guarantee you a place on the red carpet of a TEDx stage if you follow our guidance. We are connected with TEDx organizers looking for speakers just like you. From idea to application to coaching you onto the world's largest stage, you, we have you. We will help you shine and have the success you deserve.

You Have Our Word...

  • You will have our full support from beginning to end. We are supporting your success!

  • You will complete and have a best seller that will have your readers raving about you and sharing your story.

  • We will surround you with a network of like-minded shift changers for collaboration, support, and accountability.

  • If you follow our steps, you'll step onto the red carpet of TEDx and impact the world.

  • You will walk away from this program positioned for higher success. (We will work with you until it happens.)

  • You will have a platform for your impact with credibility and the keys to open BIG doors.

Program Structure

From "I want to write a book," to your amazing Book Launch, Laura Lindsey has you! She walks you through every step of the process. Your book will be developed, written and designed all with Laura's full support that begins two weeks prior to the official beginning of Launched! From 1:1 private sessions to group classes, your success is Laura's priority. 

The TEDx stage is the largest stage in the world which is why Allyson makes sure you're "Red Carpet ready!" She will help you craft your idea so that your time on stage is captivating. From helping you capture the audience in the first 7 seconds to leaving a lasting impression, Allyson has your back. You will walk away from your TEDx with the credibility you deserve. 

The pillars of this special program are:  Education, Publication, Support and Credbility. We stand by these and offer these in the following ways:

Writer's Retreat

Comprehensive 1:1 Support

Group Support

Office Hours

FB Messenger Chat

We are here to support your Success!


January 1ST -
3 Spots Left!

We only accept 8 people into the program. This is how serious we are about personalized attention. There are

3 people enrolled already. Once this cohort is filled, we will be on a waitlist for January 2025. 

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