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Become the Boss of Your Brain and Transform Your Business

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Allyson’s Tailored Keynotes…

Become the Boss of Your Brain

In a high-pressure sales or leadership role, intrusive thoughts can be a silent adversary. Despite being a common experience, few discuss the mental challenges that accompany demanding positions. Instead they suffer in silence while their dreams and goals slip away. Top performers distinguish themselves not merely by overcoming disempowering thoughts but by preemptively curtailing them. With an approach that melds scientific insight with pragmatic tactics, Allyson provides a transformative and easy-to-follow 5-step process. This method is designed to empower you to Become the Boss of Your Brain, taking command of your thoughts and becoming an unstoppable achiever.

Secrets of a “Brain Boss” Mindset

High achievers understand this: Mindset. Leaders diligently hire the "right" people, and employees leap at job opportunities with the belief that they've chosen "right." Yet, in spite of seemingly perfect matches, the gears of productivity and satisfaction frequently grind to a halt. Why? The lack of mastering one’s mental domain. When we embrace the power of becoming our own Brain Boss, the once perceived limits disintegrate. The brain championed by a person teeming with dormant possibilities is a force to be reckoned with—a marvel capable of monumental achievements. This pivotal concept is the keystone of Allyson's workshop, which she passionately delivers, laden with actionable steps tailored for immediate results. Tailored as an interactive workshop or an inspiring keynote, Allyson guides audiences on the exhilarating path to Brain Boss mastery—a journey where the brain's potential is truly boundless.

Brains in Heels…Women Who Win in Business

Too many women struggle to navigate their careers and find fulfillment without sacrificing professional or personal goals. Allyson has navigated gender bias, balancing work as a single parent, overcoming imposter syndrome, breaking through glass ceilings, and navigating workplace and even business-to-business politics. It wasn’t until she applied her knowledge of her brain to her career that things took a drastic turn for the better. Today she leads women all over the U.S. and beyond to step into their Brain Power utilizing stories, humor and applied neuroscience to inspire women to carve out their own path for success.

About Allyson’s Results

With an unwavering passion for storytelling and a commitment to making a global impact, Allyson Roberts stands at the forefront of leadership consulting and community building. Her mission is clear: to breathe life and humanity back into the corporate realm while nurturing genuine connections among people.


As the innovative mind behind Unapologetic Power, Allyson has been a catalyst for change, utilizing ground-breaking methods to weave compelling narratives that resonate across industries. She is driven by a profound vision: creating inclusive environments where success is universally accessible. Her strategic collaborations have benefited prestigious companies, including the likes of Axsium Group, Kind Lending, Sierra Wireless, KTB, and Home Depot.

Allyson is not just a storyteller; she is a testament to the power of authenticity in narrative. She approaches each audience with personal engagement that transcends mere presentation, drawing everyone into a collective experience. Allyson's interaction with her audience fosters a deep understanding of the essential human need to connect, and she masterfully illustrates how these foundational interactions are critical for individuals and communities to flourish.

In summary, Allyson Roberts is more than a consultant; she is a beacon for those seeking to rediscover the essence of human connection in business and beyond. Her journey inspires many, serving as a powerful reminder that in an age of technology and transaction, the most valuable currency is still our shared humanity.


What People are saying…


“Allyson was a great asset to our business luncheon for prospective clients.She gave us a lot to think about, no pun intended, but she really did. Her style of speaking is both motivational and educational. It makes you really understand what’s going on when you don’t feel motivated and how to turn things around quickly to get back on track. I’m grateful that she was available to be our keynote speaker as I believe it emphasized our values.

Phillip Sizemore,

V.P. Kind Lending


“In a word, Allyson is “transformational.” We were all awe-struck by her honesty but also how she shared her knowledge and wisdom with us. I learned things about how my brain works and how it stops us in our tracks that I never heard before Allyson taught them. It was easy to follow, yet very  profound. Additionally, she’s hilarious. We were cracking up which made the day that much more enjoyable. I’m inspired and it’s rare for me to say that after meeting someone and only being with them for a half day. I highly recommend her to anyone needing practical tools to turn your performance around as well as being entertained at the same time.”

Robin Merritt,

Chief Strategist and Marketing Officer at Axsium Group/Global Workforce


"Allyson Roberts is funny, knowledgeable and captivating. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. The best part is that I can implement what I learned right away making my time spent with her valuable. I highly recommend Allyson and would definitely hire her again "

Lori Martin,

Top Realtor, The Norton Agency

Give your attendees the path
to inspired success.

Feedspot voted me one of the Top 100 Coaches in the World for five consecutive years because I truly care about RESULTS. My mission is to motivate you to take inspired action by showing you exactly how your brain works and how it’s sabotaging you.  With this knowledge, you become unstoppable. 

My career has allowed me to help thousands of people around the globe
unlock the power inside their brains to finally be able to accomplish what they believed to their core was impossible. The outside world thinks that it’s all about affirmations and thinking positive, but what I learned is that it’s really about brain power.

That’s why I’m passionate about helping people become unapologetically
powerful by being the boss of their brain.

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