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We teach cognitive leadership…

A modern, edgy leader knows how to identify the difficult challenges, has the confidence and wisdom to steer their team to success, and knows how to utilize the strengths of each individual for the greater good. This type of leader is a master at turning seemingly impossible tasks into feasible accomplishments. This is the type of leader we help create through our personalized science approach.

We find that most leaders want their teams to succeed, yet they struggle to effectively make it happen. Five years ago, the skills that worked in the workplace are no longer be effective in our ever-changing environment brought on by COVID. While the advantages of having everyone back in the office for increased synergy are evident, the difficulty of managing people in a shared space remains an ongoing issue.

It's clear that corporate is in a tough spot, with mental health struggles pushed aside and employees feeling undervalued, underpaid and worried that they could face a pay cut. But what if your workplace could become a shining example of a stress-free environment? It's possible, if you're willing to take the initiative and make the necessary changes.

Some of the immediate changes you could implement are:

  1. Start a mental health awareness program. One way to implement this is to convert empty office space into a meditation room. Another is to offer access to mental health professionals through reimbursement for paid apps.

  2. Team Building. These exercises develop trust within teams while providing for fun and challenging exercises. Done correctly, team building is proven to offer the opportunity for open communication while developing trust and cooperation.

  3. Set clear goals. Believe it or not, this is a common problem in the office. Most team members have no idea the priority of their tasks. When leaders don’t convey this properly, everything becomes an emergency. This additional stress on top of everything else employees are already facing can make for an extremely dysfunctional work environment.

  4. Implement a Reward System. Pizza on Fridays, Ice Cream on Mondays, Chair massages by a professional on Wednesdays are all great ideas. There’s no need to go overboard. A little extra appreciation goes a long way.

  5. Last but not least - LISTEN! When teams talk, listen to what they are saying, not how they are saying it. Place the ego aside and take in the information. Employees see and understand a lot more than leadership sometimes. It’s okay to allow them to take the lead on inside information.

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