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The Pain is NOT Your Fault...But Healing The Pain IS Your Responsibility

It’s not your fault that…

you have social anxiety

you are addicted to distractions

you struggle in relationships

your money story is totally effed up

you feel blocked and stuck

you live in the past longing for a better future

you seek outside approval with your every action

you lack boundaries

you shut down

you feel left out

you stay so busy your head spins

you numb out for hours to endless screen time

you drive too fast

you drink too much

you have horrible body image

you eat too much sugar

you break promises to yourself

you freeze in new situations

you cry at the drop of a hat

you feel angry…a lot

you are too scared to try anything new

your abandonment issues are off the charts

you have no desire for intimacy

you are in so much debt that it nauseates you

you build walls instead of bridges

None of this is your fault. But it is your responsibility.

These are ALL trauma responses. So, if you believe you don’t have trauma or that it’s all behind you, think again.

It’s YOUR responsibility to heal your wounds. No one is going to rescue you except YOU. No one can love you enough to make this behavior stop. No one can compliment you enough, or praise you enough, or comfort you enough, or promise enough. Because healing isn’t an outside job.

You’re worth healing. Be willing to believe you’re worth it and watch your world take off on a magic carpet ride.

It’s not actually magic, but it’ll feel that way.

You’ve got this!

By the way, I have a VERY effective coaching program. If you’re ready to take this to the next level, I’m ready for you, too.

So much love, Allyson

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