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Re-evaluating is Healthy

We enter a period of profound awareness where we begin to understand that change is inevitable and often necessary for our growth.

Behind the Power, October 19, 2023. Photo Credit: Danay Nazaire

I’m in such a time now where I know that in order for me, my company, my family, and my personal space to expand then I must shift everything. I find myself curious, and asking, “Now what?!”

I’m re-evaluating my priorities, how my business feels, what my clients need, and how I want to serve moving forward. While change can be scary, the passion that drives my life is much stronger than fear. And while my emotions have been overflowing during this time of honest observation, it’s necessary and I welcome it all with open arms.

Behind the Power, October 19, 2023. Photo Credit: Danay Nazaire

I just wrapped up my second annual Behind the Power event. When I say that it took every moment of my attention planning for ten months non-stop, I’m not exaggerating. Fortunately, I had Laura leading the planning committee and she did a superb job of handling every last detail.

Even so, there were glitches. There are always things that just don’t go the way you intended when you’re holding large live events. One of those was that our Audio & Visual team couldn’t commit to a virtual option at the very last minute of planning, meaning I had to notify people and refund their money. Also, our notebooks didn’t arrive, leaving attendees to make notes on hotel notepads and one ambitious person wrote on their arm.

Another was the hotel charging incidental fees for no actual incidentals. Why am I sharing this? Because life is not about perfection but rather participating. Too many don’t participate out of fear of not being perfect. Let that sink in.

Behind the Power, October 2,0 2023. Photo Credit: Danay Nazaire

That’s where I was for so long.

Life is messy. I’ve come to believe that it’s supposed to be, and if we strive for perfection, sameness, security, the false sense of safety, the warm soft bed of complacency, then we are missing out – and, more important – we aren’t serving our soul. Instead, we are serving the reptilian brain that fights us day in and out to stay the same. Why? Because one of its primary jobs is to avoid pain. Change is painful. It’s scary. It’s unpredictable. The unpredictability is the main reason people stay the same.

Behind the Power, October 21, 2023. Photo Credit: Danay Nazaire

We are approaching yet another year. It blows my mind how quickly 2022 raced by us. We have the decision to make. Just one simple decision. To play full-out in 2023, creating messes and defying the odds every chance we get, OR to sit comfortably on the couch so as not to disturb anyone or disrupt anything. As I approach sixty years of age in just two very fast-approaching years, I choose to be messy. So much so, that I may not be recognizable. I have just one question.

Will you be participating in a controllable but chaotic life, too? Let me just say this. If you are wanting a new direction in your life, it will be messy! You can count on it, and it will be the most fun you’ve probably had in a very long time.

I’m not playing it safe in 2023. You can count on it. I’m going all out, full-on. Are you?

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