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Breaking Free: The Art of Letting Go, Even When It's Hard

If my Peace Lily could talk, it would no doubt have countless tales to tell of the changes I've experienced in the past decade. I've moved four times, experienced two serious relationships, and drastically shifted the way I live and work.

Recently, I've been struggling to let some things go. I'm feeling a strong sense of guilt and obligation, even while recognizing the need to break free of this co-dependency. I understand that when I make this hard decision for myself, I'm also paving the way for others in my life to follow their own path to greatness.

Despite this knowledge, it's still incredibly hard.

Stepping downstairs this morning, I was greeted by my beloved Peace Lily. She had been wilting and struggling for weeks, part of her having died inexplicably. As I gazed upon her, I was overcome with emotion and the realization that we were going through similar struggles. There, amidst her sorrow, a single white flower had emerged. With gentle love and care, I removed the wilting parts of her and thanked them for their service. In that moment, I knew that both of us were blooming.

The Peace Lily has been calling to me for two weeks, signaling purity, prosperity, innocence, peace, and sympathy. This uplevel is difficult, and I won't deny it - I must actively grieve the losses and nurture self-empathy. I'm ready to transform and move forward.

I pose this question to you: What is it that you're holding on to that you know you need to let go of?

It may be painful, but progression doesn't always mean celebrating with cocktails (or mocktails). Sometimes we have to take the difficult step of slowly removing something that we don't want to part with, yet know is necessary for us to grow.

It's my birthday month, and it's the perfect time to choose renewal! Let's prune away any parts of us that are slowing us down. Join me in cutting something out of your life that is holding you back from reaching your full potential — what will it be?

I'd love for you to email me ( and share the courage you're willing to embrace and the steps you're willing to take this month.

I've also revamped my YouTube channel to offer educational, spiritual, and sometimes hilariously real content! Laughter is one of the greatest remedies and can help us take our brain, trauma, and emotional wounds seriously while learning and healing.

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