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Be Your Own Gift this Holiday Season

Pause with me, please.

Take a breath. Set an intention to fully devote yourself to this break.

We are so busy. I’ve come to learn that the busier I am, the more I’m avoiding myself. Focusing all of my attention on everything and everyone else is a great, and what feels like a legitimate, “reason” to not feel, think, or take responsibility for myself.

While I do appreciate the holiday season, I don’t like that it mainly focuses on gifts and joy being intertwined. This places so much pressure on all of us to spend, obligate ourselves to family functions, and to be out of alignment with all of the progress we made from January to November. I find that most people break promises to themselves in December, thwarting their own progress in place of people pleasing.

We are worth more! Seriously, you are worthy of your progress!

So, let’s make a pact together right now. First, place your hand over your heart. Second, take a deep breath. Third, forget about t

he past few weeks and focus on right now.

What promise do you need to make to yourself (and keep) for the rest of the year?


Now, write that promise down and tape it to your bathroom mirror. Start and end your day with that promise to yourself.

Let this be the season that you finally place yourself first, treating yourself with love, respect, and honoring choices that move you forward instead of ones that create Shilt™ - the combination of shame and guilt.

You deserve your best life. Live it unapologetically.

All my love and support,


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Connie Bosold
Connie Bosold
Dec 22, 2022

no truer words have ever been said. I feel that women, especially, put others first and ourselves last. I always feel there will be time for me, I will get to me, and it never fully happens. When will I start? Maybe 2023? I hope so!

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