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Are you counting on your future to heal your present?

This time of year is a time of reflection…

Who are you? Who do you serve?

These two questions always bring me back to my center. Why? Because it’s easy to forget who you are when you are focused on the world outside of you.

I’m a person who meditates daily. It’s changed my life. It wasn’t easy at first, though, because all that came to my mind was my past. Memories flooded in, and things I’d forgotten about wanted my attention. My body would tense up, I’d tell myself that it wasn’t working, and I’d just go back to my old habits.

One day a mentor told me that it was my inner child wanting to join me in my meditation. “This is an opportunity to heal you both,” she said.

Still, I resisted it because my past experiences were so bad that I had managed to bury them. What I didn’t realize is that I’d buried them alive. They were still breathing and very much in need of oxygen - my body couldn't ignore them.

You see, we think we are so clever. We think “new” erases the old. We believe a new job will make the issues with the old one go away. We believe a new relationship will heal the insecurities and pain from a previous one. And "the new" does help for a little while until we inevitably find ourselves feeling the same old feelings.

Then we are bewildered. “How did I end up here again? I was so careful to make sure that would never happen again? I don’t understand!” Then we are flooded with shame, guilt and disappointment.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing…you can’t heal your present with the future. You have to go back and rescue yourself from the past. You can’t do this in your mind. You have to FEEL and that’s where most people STOP. Why? Because they believe that the pain from the past is going to hurt just as much as it did when all hell was breaking loose.

It doesn’t, though. Not when it’s done properly with someone who is trained in inner-child work.

When the release happens, it feels like a miracle. I have many clients who open their eyes and say, “I can’t believe that just happened! I feel so much lighter!”

Then, their lives become new.

That’s how it works. And the answer to, “Who are you?” becomes completely different because they are different. They finally know who they are, who they serve and what they want. The fog is lifted. The path is clear.

That’s when the real work begins...the manifestation of a brighter future.

If you’re ready for 2024 to be the year that everything is different, let’s talk. I’m here.

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