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Discover Your Breakthrough:
Inner Child Retreat in Sedona, April 2025

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Presented by Allyson Roberts,
Founder of Unapologetic Power llc

Allyson Roberts, a revered Neuroscience and Methodology Practitioner, specializes in the profound healing of childhood trauma through her unique and effective approach. With a burning passion for empowering individuals, Allyson is dedicated to guiding people towards personal freedom and discovering their inner strength. Her transformative retreats are a beacon of hope and healing, cherished by clients who return year after year, each time achieving deeper breakthroughs and experiencing the powerful healing they've come to trust and love.

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Clients share their transformations...

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Allyson is different from any other coach I've had because she understands human conditioning. I have broken through my limiting beliefs and have discovered the gems within me. Each year just gets better and better. They've all been amazing! Thank you so much. 

Shannon Ripple

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"Thank you, Allyson, for the guidance and support as you've helped me realize that I've been unintentionally lying to myself. Through your workshop, I've been able to see that I hold my dreams hostage, but I also now have the tools to stop doing that. I woke this morning with greater clarity than I've had in a very long time. So, thank you!" John R. Cole


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