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Lean into your strengths with a LIVE SSA Life Intensive - ONLY $97!


You're a Warrior


Warriors embrace courage, compassion, and discipline. These are the first responders who protect, defend, and are willing to go to battle - not only for themselves - but for others in an extremely self-sacrificing way. The Warrior can be as obvious as a person in armor loaded with weapons, or the parent who silently defends her children.


The Gift 


Warriors know themselves very well, and are great readers of others. They fight when necessary and are also quick to drop their weapons. Warriors fight for justice.


The Challenge


Warriors often place themselves in harm’s way, causing their own safety and health to be in jeopardy. Warriors also can find it difficult to relax because they tend to stay on the defensive.

Likely Careers


Police, Military, Firefighter, Lawyer, Stay-at-Home Parent

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