Lean into your unique strengths with the LIVE Spiritual Success Archetype Intensive - Only $97!

Lean into your strengths with a LIVE SSA Life Intensive - ONLY $97!


You're a Transformer


Transformers are not afraid of change. These are the people that walk out of cushy corporate jobs with nothing, sell everything, and move to Bali for a year. These same people are also not afraid to end relationships, regardless of commitment, when they feel it no longer serves them. When they are “in it,” they are in to win, and when they are done - it’s over.  


The Gift 


Transformers inspire themselves and others to follow their own heart, cut off low vibing people, and they are fearless in their quest to start over when necessary. 


The Challenge


Transformers can be quick to say, “goodbye,” and then deeply regret their decision. They can also burn a lot of bridges when they feel they’ve been wronged or harmed.  

Likely Careers


Entrepreneur, Sales, Pilot, Flight Attendant, Model, Actor, Musician, Writer.

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