Shame + Guilt = Shilt

Stop Shilting on Yourself 

Release Blocks | Activate Prosperity

An 8-module video course -

from a world-renowned psychic and healer! 

It is impossible to thrive financially in a state of shame and guilt.

“I grew up hard, and that’s an understatement. I was holding onto my victimized self, and she was running my love and money stories. This program spoke to me in a way that no one has been able to before, and it released my bullshit. I’m in a healthy relationship AND my money is working for me. I finally do have it all.”

Janie L.

Well hello, growth seeker.

You’re constantly striving to live in your purpose, to discover what the heck you’re here to do on this earth and how you can make the biggest contribution.


While you’re looking for that next action to take, a lot of souls are doing it with weights around their ankles. Please hear what it has taken me a lifetime to learn:

It doesn't matter where you are or what opportunities lie before you:


If you're weighed down by shame and guilt, you can not prosper.

Shame & Guilt are the lowest vibrations!

  • Shame and guilt are draining

  • Shame and guilt block prosperity

  • Shame and guilt attract negative people and outcomes.

The “Shilt” vibration kills creativity, unconditional love, compassion, freedom, excitement, connection, and purpose.



It is an enemy and MUST be stopped.

Psychic, healer, and owner of Outrageous Freedom. I’ve spent a LIFETIME helping people from all walks of life, all over the globe, get to the root of their pain so they can be free to experience true joy.

After decades of helping people end their suffering, my biggest ah-ha moment came when I learned this simple truth - while issues are different, people are wired the same. Once the shame and guilt are found, it can be released. And when it leaves, you're finally free to receive financial abundance. 

So I sat down with my team and created something that I truly believe will change your life. Yes, I can help heal you, but why not share my tools so that you can heal yourself?

Hi, I'm Allyson,

A Video Course to...

Stop Shilting on Yourself 

Shame and guilt are feelings caused by a deep-seated belief. When you discover that belief - like a doctor finds an abnormal growth - you can eliminate it.

In this 8-week course, you'll learn...

  • Why your inner-victim is triggered - and how to manage it.

  • Understanding the drama cycle - both internally and externally.

  • How to rewrite your story and experience different outcomes.

  • The importance of taking action with meaningful results.

Plus four life-changing breakthroughs:

  • Shift your money mindset to experience abundance.

  • End family drama for stability and peace.

  • Fall in love with yourself and attract deeper love.

  • Master life-long tools to ensure a lasting transformation.

In the privacy of your own sanctuary, these transformational videos are yours to experience at your own pace and as often as you need.


What you get.

  • 8 guided sessions with me - $950.00 value

  • Weekly guidance in your inbox with PDF’s - $150.00 value

  • Meditations targeted to your specific journey - $19.97 value

  • Assigned exercises and recommended reading to release blocks - $70.00 value

Over $1,000 in value! 

What you pay.

But for a limited time, you can receive the entire course for the low rate of only: 

Your Investment: 


That’s over 75% OFF!

“I always thought I wanted money, but when I did this program I realized I've been blocking opportunities left and right. My lack of self-worth was telling the universe I didn't want it! I finally feel deserving and now, it's a whole new ballgame.” 

Shelley D.

Your Modules

As soon as your purchase, you'll receive a password and website link to gain instant access to your course. This includes PDFs to guide you along on your journey.


The average module is an hour in length, with homework and recommended readings so you can become fully immersed with each lesson. Here’s what each module covers!

Module 1

Identifying your inner victim

Module 3

How to rewrite your story

Module 5

Breakthrough #1: Poverty to prosperity

Module 7

Breakthrough #3: Falling in love (with you and others)

Module 2 

Understanding the drama cycle

Module 4

Action with meaningful results

Module 6

Breakthrough #2: Ending family drama

Module 8

Breakthrough #4: A lifetime of transformation

Your FAQs

Still on the Fence?

I’ve been in the very same position you’re in right now. Thinking things like:

  • “Should I wait?”

  • “Is this too much money?”

  • “Can this really help me?”

Only you know what’s best for you. In my experience, I’ve regretted buying that cute blouse. I’ve regretted buying that fancy dinner, but not once have I regretted investing in my well-being.

Foundation first. 

Life will not get better on its own, because you’re the foundation of everything around you. When you take care of your emotional core, the vibration that radiates into the world will finally be able to bring you all of those other things you’re seeking.

Release shame and guilt and invite in a whole new experience. Is there any other way to live?