Spiritual Success Archetype

Life Assessment

3-hour LIVE Video Workshop | Every other Thursday

Learn your strengths, achieve personal greatness. 

Which one are you?

I spent years comparing myself to others... 

Looking at the “successful ones” and trying to match their pace, rhythm, and style. 

This is normally followed by those “I should” spirals. You know the ones, those thoughts like--


  • "I should be an extrovert."

  • "I should be further along."

  • "I should work harder, smarter, or faster."

The problem is, we always resort back to our natural rhythm (catch that word, natural?) but so many of us beat ourselves up for it! 

Then, with this brand new negative state, we vow to try harder. But the pain gets--






--with each repeated “failure.” 



We spend so much time, energy, and money on efforts to find what really clicks for us.

But the road to success is like a diet - what works for one person could flat out be wrong for another.




We’re spinning in circles in search of answers when the QUESTION has been wrong from the start.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a Fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.

-Albert Einstein

Nurture Your Nature

What if you knew your innate spiritual nature so well you could--


  • Stand out with your unique superpowers 

  • Turn your weaknesses into strengths

  • Deepen your relationships by knowing your loved one’s spiritual needs 

  • Stop wasting time, energy, and money on the wrong efforts 

  • Become your personal best with ease 

Wouldn’t you like to...

Eliminate the grind and flow to success. 

Because you can. I’ll show you how.

Your Guide

Hi, I’m Allyson Roberts -- psychic, healer, and life coach.


Thanks to my angels, guides, and spirits, I discovered this simple truth: 


We all have unique gifts and when we tap into them... magic happens. 

Through decades of working with thousands of souls, I’ve discovered there are 4 major spiritual archetypes that people fall into.


And depending on which archetype we are, it greatly impacts the path and rhythm in which we travel throughout this life.


By knowing where your spiritual nature lies, you’re able to fully live as your authentic self, making success in work, love, and personal fulfillment not only attainable, but clear.  


I am deeply honored to share all I’ve learned about this so your path becomes paved and brightly lit.

Life Assessment

Spiritual Success Archetypes

This LIVE, 3-hour intensive is designed to help you leave with a map of what makes you unique.
This is not teaching you to become like others, it’s helping you lean into who you innately are:

We'll cover: 

  • Success at work

  • Archetype communication styles

  • How you handle conflict

  • Money mindset and actions


  • Traps and triggers in every area of life

       And so much more! 

You'll Receive: 

  • The SSA Life Assessment Workbook

  • Grounding meditation

  • Q&A’s with me throughout

  • Hot seat coaching

  • Special offers not available anywhere else!


Walk away knowing how to tap into your natural spirit-gifts, with clear and specific actions to put into place. This education will stay with you for the rest of your life. And it’s all yours for the low price of--




Harness Your Power 


There are 4 main spiritual archetypes that define our deep spiritual nature. They clarify what we naturally gravitate toward, what comes easily, what challenges we face, and how to fully harness them to become our best selves. 



But just like our spiritual nature varies, so can your archetype depending on your life experiences. For example, in love, you might be a Healer. In business, you might be a Transformer, etc. 


Discover your Spiritual Archetype blueprint and watch clarity pour in around all elements of your life.

Spiritual Archetypes: How it works



So Healer, Transformer, Warrior, or Manifestor…

What could you become if you started operating from your spiritual nature?


What could you accomplish if you heightened your natural strengths?


Are you ready to stop fighting with yourself and embrace all you’ve been blessed with? 


You know what to do.