Stop Shilting on Yourself

Stop Shilting on Yourself


A meaty, 8-week video course with PDF guides. You'll learn how shame and guilt works, how it shows up in your life, and how to release it for good! 

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    An 8-module video course - from a world-renowned healer


    Well hello, growth seeker.


    You’re constantly striving to live in your purpose, to discover what the heck you’re here to do on this earth and how you can make the biggest contribution.

    While you’re looking for that next action to take, a lot of souls are doing it with weights around their ankles. Please hear what it has taken me a lifetime to learn:

    It doesn't matter where you are or what opportunities lie before you: If you're weighed down by shame and guilt, you can not prosper.


    In this 8-week course, you'll learn...

    • Why your inner-victim is triggered - and how to manage it.
    • Understanding the drama cycle - both internally and externally.
    • How to rewrite your story and experience different outcomes.
    • The importance of taking action with meaningful results.


    Plus four life-changing breakthroughs:

    • Shift your money mindset to experience abundance.
    • End family drama for stability and peace.
    • Fall in love with yourself and attract deeper love.
    • Master life-long tools to ensure a lasting transformation.


    In the privacy of your own sanctuary, these transformational videos are yours to experience at your own pace and as often as you need.

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