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When are you going to answer the call of your heart? What’s it going to take?

Too often, we wait. We wait until it’s so bad that we literally can’t take anymore. Then, we panic, do something drastic and pick up the pieces. 

This was my life. I honestly believed that the next job, relationship, promotion, collaboration, move was THE thing that would save me. I wouldn’t allow myself to see that what needed saving was my past trauma. 

“Don’t look at it, it’s over now anyway.” That was my mantra. 

It wasn’t over. I was reliving it daily through bad choices, disempowering myself through the belief that something outside of myself could heal me. 

I also tolerated a lot of bad behavior from those around me. I didn’t hold my boundaries. I didn’t speak up. I allowed myself to shrink and be whatever others needed me to be and do. 

It felt horrible. I felt awful. 

Then, I joined a manifesting group. The facilitator told us to think of something we wanted and all I could think was that I wanted to be myself. I would imagine myself being self-employed, happy, peaceful and confident. 

I remember being so excited and sharing my vision with the person I believed was my best friend. Her response, “I won’t support you in this.” My spirit was crushed. 

It took me years to realize that she, like others in my life, couldn’t handle me being myself. They needed me to play a role so that they could feel safe. 

When I finally decided that my life is my business and my happiness is my own responsibility, life unfolded for me. Every dream, every wish, and every hope slowly revealed itself (and still is) little by little. 

So, what are you waiting for to happen? 

Learn through my example so that you can start NOW. Don’t wait. Life is precious. Your dreams are real. They are just waiting for you to wake up. 

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