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What Do You Need to Feel Connected?

A Facebook acquaintance of mine recently lost a parent. She moved home to assist her dad with placing her mom into hospice care and visited her mom daily. They suffered through some major baggage. Her mom’s brother, my acquaintance’s uncle, raped her several times. He took her virginity from her. The family refused to talk about it. Let’s just call my acquaintance, “Sarah”. So, Sarah, in dealing with her rape, went through a serious cocaine addiction. On the other side of the addiction, was a very dedicated path to “spirituality”. I put the word in quotes because you could only wear the color white to her house, you could only eat the food she prepared, you had to sleep in clothes she provided. I know this because we have a mutual friend who attended one of Sarah’s retreats and promptly left after only being there for two hours. She had taken a plane and a ferry to get to Sarah’s retreat, so leaving was a big deal. Our mutual friend simply wasn’t going to be controlled.

During Sarah’s mom transition, she requested an appointment with me. Her first question was around the timing of her mom’s death. I don’t predict death. It’s a very personal relationship we each hold with God. Our free will dictates when we leave. I know this is difficult for some to understand if a person is murdered or is in a tragic accident. Free will is not the same as “wanting”. Free will simply means we don’t act out of necessity. So, in other words, if a murderer shoots someone in the head, the victim’s choice is to leave instead of living dependent on others. It doesn’t mean the victim chose to die or wanted to die. It simply means that they knew they didn’t have to stay in the new physical condition placed upon them, so they crossed over.

Anyway, back to Sarah. In my conversation with Sarah, I remember saying something like, “I’m so sorry for your anticipated loss. I’m sure this must be a challenging time for everyone”. She was very quick to tell me that in the spiritual realm there is no need for sadness or pain. Sarah then said that I must be ashamed of myself for saying that to her.

I took a deep breath trying to understand her position with recovery and her soul wound. I asked her, “Sarah, do you believe that Jesus is a Master?” Without hesitation, she answered, “Of course, Allyson!” My response was with love, “John: Chapter 11, Verse 35. Matthew: Chapter 21, Verse 12 ”.

My point wasn’t to humiliate her or prove her wrong. It was an attempt to open her heart and mind. If you aren’t familiar with the verses, John 11:35 is when Jesus wept at the news of John, his brother, being beheaded and Matthew 21:12 is when Jesus was so furious with the merchants in the temple that he forced them out by going into rage and turning over tables. You see, dear heart, you are human. God wants you to feel. God wants you to heal. It’s why God set up a system on the other side for you. God didn’t do that for himself. He did it for you. It’s not about religion. If you aren’t a Christian, Jesus couldn’t care less. Jesus left his church, too. The magic inside of you is fully supported by your spiritual team. They want you co-creating with them.

In Sarah’s case, she felt that she would lose her connection to Spirit without a rigid process. She also felt that she would lose her recovery should she have any feeling except a “good” one. Through her work with me, which she decided she needed after our Jesus conversation, she was able to see the control she was placing on herself and others. While Sarah’s work began too late for her to make amends with her mom on this side, through the work she has an amazing connection to her mom’s soul.

What do you need to feel connected? If you don’t have a daily spiritual practice, which is a great way to begin feeling connected, I highly suggest this for you. Here are some ideas for your daily connection to your spiritual team:

  1. Oracle cards. I love the deck I created which you can find on my website. Any deck you resonate with is the one you should use.

  2. Guided meditation. I have them available on my website, also. There are literally thousands available on YouTube by many different people. Find several that resonate with you and listen to the ones that move your soul.

  3. Journal. Keep a bedside journal and take 3-5 minutes in every morning to ask, “What are my steps today?” Listen, write, and take action.

  4. Keep your mobile phone away from your bed. Place it in your bathroom or across the room. When you wake, before you do anything else, spend a few minutes thanking God that you woke up, and sitting in gratitude energy.

  5. Call in your angels, guides, and masters. Ask for what it is you need to make your day a little easier. Ask how you can serve.

These are just some ways to begin your experience. Your spiritual team is waiting to assist you.



Let’s do a short meditation exercise.

  1. Find a quiet place free from disturbances.

  2. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes

  3. Clear your mind.

  4. Call in your angels, guides, and masters. Tell them what you need. Tell them how you feel and what can make your life easier.

  5. When you’re done, relax…. Take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes.

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