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What are you afraid of in your life now?

Social media is also a slow erosion of self-esteem because it sets us up to constantly compare ourselves to others. We also too often get caught up in the number of “likes” on our post, or someone else’s post, which causes us to then compete for attention or feel like we are less than others because our photo only received a dozen likes while similar ones have hundreds of thumbs up or hearts.

If you are already struggling with your self-worth, then social media can take its toll. Receiving a large number of likes but having no social life can also wreak havoc. Examine this carefully, and ask yourself, “What is my relationship with social media and is it a healthy one?” Another major step in healing is recognizing your triggers. Any insecurity you feel is an invitation for shame to creep inI and trigger you. The most innocent comment can send you over the edge. This is because your dance with shame needs constant approval and validation when you are feeling the most vulnerable. You must understand that women are primarily triggered by body image. For men, it’s about their power and that mostly has to do with their wallet. Simply embracing what triggers you is ninety-percent of the cure. Embracing is different from spiritually bypassing which we will discuss in another chapter. Learn your triggers. Accept them. Learn some coping mechanisms around them and come to an understanding in your relationship with yourself and others of how to deal with the underlying issues. Trust me, shame is the key ingredient to most triggers. It’s important to deal with your shame because otherwise you will resort to numbing your pain. This goes back to social media. These outlets are fast becoming an acceptable addiction. Be mindful of the time you spend scrolling screens. Of course, there is also drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, excessive gym time — and the list goes on. Numbing causes shame. Then, the trigger happens. Then, more numbing happens. Life begins to take control, and that’s what I was referring to earlier. Shame will keep you invisible.

So, what is the purpose of me going into this? The short answer is this: You can change your life, and you’re the only one who can change your life. First, though, you need to see the signs of where your life is not on track. Then, and only then, can you begin to take an honest approach to lasting change that will completely transform your life forever. Once you start down the path of soul change, you cannot go back…ever, nor will you want to. People used to say that to me, and I wouldn’t quite believe them. Growing up, I witnessed so many people “find religion” only to be drinking, cheating, cussing, abusing, and indulging in any other behavior that numbed them, just days or weeks later. The whole, “I’ve been saved,” concept confused me…a lot. Only after I began allowing myself to see the patterns in my own life that I repeated, and examining which symptoms dominated my refusal to live my truth did I begin to understand the process of “being reborn,” and it had absolutely nothing to do with religion whatsoever. It was during this transition that I began to come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t living my truth, or sharing my magic, or helping people the way I felt God was calling me. And, yes, God speaks to us directly. It’s usually subtle, but God is always craving to create with us. Our free will gives us the gift of answering the calling, or not. Once you take full responsibility for that, then everything starts to change. Here is the secret:. You are responsible for your life. I am not saying that if you were gang- raped that you manifested it and it’s your fault. I’m not saying that at all. What I am saying, thought, is that you are responsible for your response to life’s situations. You are responsible for your life. You can either react to it, or you can respond to it. Notice the similarity in the words – responsibility and respond. Yes. Allow that to sink in. Re-act means to relive the stories over and over again, or better said, to act them out in your head, and in your life, repeatedly. When a soul wound isn’t healed, this is exactly what we do, because it’s how we are made. It doesn’t mean you are broken or flawed, it simply means you are human. The message, though, is clear. You can transition your life from reacting to responding, in an authentic way, and your life will rapidly change for the better. You can’t “fake it ‘til you make it” with this one. You must ride through the storm of your past. If you find that you are in the same relationship repeatedly, and only the faces change, that is you reacting to some soul wound deep inside of you and you react to the story hoping to heal. If you can’t hold onto money, you are reacting to a fracture inside of you, which naturally causes you to react to the story. This might look like this: – you can make money easily, but you can’t hold onto it – even with the best of intentions. If you live in the cycle of rags to riches back to rags again, you are reacting to an old story and playing out its tale. It’s exhausting. You find yourself asking the question, “How in the hell did this happen again?” You can’t answer the question because, even though it doesn’t feel good to repeat the pattern, you don’t clearly understand your “why?” The pattern itself is a reaction to a soul wound. Psychic readings and coaching cannot cure you alone. Yes, the guidance will change your life forever, but You cure You. You change your life. What my gifts will help you do is to see the truth. My name means truth seeker. For whatever reason, before I was born, God and I decided (I believe we all decide before we get here) that I would be graced with a shitload of psychic ability, some of which blows my own mind, and that I would use my magic to help you live and discover your magic. That’s it. It’s pretty simple when you break it down. You have a plan, also. Our free will is what gets in the way of achieving or not achieving our plan. You can use your free will and decide to continue to numb your soul pain, live in shame, and feel frustrated with life. Or, you can take a deep dive with me, look at yourself, and change everything. It’s important for you to go on this journey if: 1. You are a skeptic; (not that I care, but if you want healing, you must believe it’s possible); 2. You know you need to change your life and you aren’t sure where, when or how you should get started. You can start with me, if you’d like, but it might help you to know something about me first; 3. You feel completely alone, and you need to feel a connection to like-minded people, or situations, so that you don’t feel so crazy. It’s taken me seven years to get up the courage to release this. So, you see, even the most gifted people still have to work on their own stuff. What are you putting off in your own life? Where in your life is fear stopping you? By the way, any psychic, or life coach, that tells you they have it all figured out now, and that life was only hard way back when before they did (fill in the blank) is full of crap. We ALL have our stuff. All of us. The difference is this – true healers examine their hurdles on a regular basis, they have a daily spiritual practice (and I mean that sincerely from the bottom of my heart), they understand integrity (and they live in theirs), and you can feel their authenticity. In other words, if they are a finance coach, they aren’t in massive amounts of unmanageable debt. If they are a relationship coach, they have amazing relationships. If they are an intuitive life coach, like me, they communicate with their angels, guides, and masters on a regular basis, AND the intuitive guidance they have given you for your life has proven to be something of extraordinary value. This is for you if you know, in the core of who you are, that your life isn’t being played big enough. You go to sleep each night feeling like the day got away from you (not in a good way), and you look at your life and know something serious is missing. It’s also for you if you just want to be entertained by sharing stories where God performs miracles in the lives of people and animals. God’s grace is breathtaking. His grace is given not because of who we are, but because of who He is – which is perfect. So, grab a cup of tea (or glass of wine), have your journal and a pen close by, and cozy up in your favorite reading spot, because it’s time to dive in.


Short Exercise. What are you putting off in your own life? Where in your life is fear stopping you? I’d like you to go back to the list that you made from my previous blog. Go over your list slowly, and mark the ones that you think is your greatest fear or putting you off in your own life. On my next blog, you’d be able to find out that things will be different.

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