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Vacation is NOT a destination - it’s a MINDSET!

When was the last time you were away from devices for longer than 4 hours? 6 hours? 8 hours?! We live in a society where it’s almost impossible (strong agreement) to do anything without our devices. But. We. Can.

And here’s the thing. Our brain can actually rest. We notice things like turtles on the shores of lakes, the blue sky, the marmalade sunset, the broken shells left behind by a pelican’s feast of muscles. And we breathe because nature is our connection to the divine source.

Vacation is a mindset. It’s the commitment to BE present with everything. To wave at Mickey Mouse even though you’re 56 years old. Realizing how excited you feel blowing kisses to a float filled with Disney princesses and the fairy godmother you believed could and would change everything for you as a child. Being in the wonder of the most magical place on earth.

What if we were all willing to take a vacation every single day for an hour? To focus on the wonder and beauty of, not only the world outside, but inside ourselves. Just 60 minutes. Sixty minutes away from our devices, away from the noise, away from it all and step into a place inside ourselves where all our dreams come true. Who’s with me?

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