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It's November! 2021 has been the YEAR OF LEARNING for me. While I'm definitely looking forward to 2022, I am being mindful to stay in 2021 and soak up every moment of it. Here are twenty things I've learned this year. While some of them are new, other things on this list have been reminders of who I am, what I want, where I want to go, and the year, overall, has been a great reflection of how far I've come. Maybe you'll be inspired to make your own list. Why? Because your reptilian brain needs EVIDENCE of the changes you've made to get onboard to grow with you even more.

  1. Other's healing is NOT my responsibility. (I thought I knew this, BUT this year has been a huge eye-opener for this.)

  2. Delegating the small tasks is the smartest way to run your business.

  3. Being seen and heard is super important for EXPANSION.

  4. Others may not understand or agree with my boundaries, and I'm setting them anyway.

  5. Spiritual bypassing is DANGEROUS.

  6. Narcissists never change.

  7. Science is real and it matters.

  8. Love is the key - self-love is the foundation.

  9. Women CAN all come together and LOVE one another without caddishness.

  10. Honoring oneself goes a very long way.

  11. I won't be disregarded ever again.

  12. Sometimes the best way to support someone is with silence and a hand-hold or hug.

  13. Cry. Cry some more. Then, when you think you're done, cry again.

  14. Happiness truly is a decision. So is Joy. So is Love. So is Hate.

  15. Ask for what is needed. Trust it will be given.

  16. The HOW is up to vibration.

  17. Thoughts become things if we believe the thoughts we're thinking.

  18. I have permission to heal every single part of me by using my voice.

  19. It's MY story to tell.

  20. It's okay if you don't like me, and please tell so that we can both move on.

What's on your "What 2021 has taught (or reminded) me" list?

So much love and support!

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