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The Truth is Within You Already

There resides God, also called Source, right inside of each of us. People get so freaked out when I say this. I hear clients say things like, “Who am I to be connected that closely with God?” or “Who am I to be a co-creator?” But even religious literature tells us to believe, and believing IS God’s energy, no matter what God or Source you connect with.

When connecting with Divine energy, there is a sense of purpose and truth. Once purpose and truth is discovered, action can be taken to make your calling a reality. In this process, you have to hold onto the belief that you are connected to Source and a co-creator because you are. This is a simple example of what belief can do: If you believe you are sick – even if your body is well – it doesn’t matter. If you believe you are sick, then you are sick. If you feel broken but you believe you are healing, then you are healing. It’s not magic. It’s how our brain works and when it’s combined with Source energy it’s unstoppable. We are co-creators of our existence and our future reality.

Did you create being harmed, abused, manipulated, or deceived? No, that was not your fault. Let me say that again – that was not your fault! But, if we don’t heal that wound, we subconsciously and consciously live in that pain, re-create that pain, and ultimately become that pain over and over again. It’s our responsibility as co-creators to heal our wounds. Why? So that we don’t bleed on those who haven’t cut us. So that we don’t intentionally or unintentionally seek to harm others and here’s the thing - you can’t heal your pain by:

  • Earning more money

  • Focusing on your appearance

  • Indulging in large purchases

  • Packing your schedule with events and tasks

All of those things are great, but they won’t heal you. Believe me, they feel great but after the initial high wears off you’re still left with yourself.

If you are in pain, unless you heal it, you’ll find yourself stuck in a broken cycle. You’ll focus on everything that’s wrong and everything that seems out of reach for you. This mentality will only add to your misery and it will build…and build…and build until the fury inside becomes your identity. People will slip away and you’ll think, “No one loves me. Everyone always leaves me.” You’ll sob and feel very sorry for yourself. You’ll buy something…or subscribe to something…or get a new job or maybe even a new lover…and you’ll feel amazing until the next thing happens.

The truth is being authentic – becoming our true authentic self - is the only way that we can feel connected to Source energy in its highest form. Only then can we begin to understand that we can take really strong stands for things without anger and hatred. Only then can we begin to see and understand that everyone is on their journey and when we see this, we have more grace and compassion for ourselves and others. We can laugh at ourselves instead of screaming obscenities. We can breathe instead of having a knee-jerk reaction. We can be okay with someone being upset with us especially if we’ve sincerely done our best. But most importantly, we will want to heal ourselves again and again and again until we take our very last breath - not because we are broken - but because we are free.


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