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The Ripple Effect

Perfection is Poison. Effort is Everything. Don’t strive to be perfect. Have a plan and exert daily effort toward it. This is the key to transforming your life from “broken to breakthrough.”

You are not broken. But your story just might be if every single day feels worthless.

We are all born with free will. It is the one gift that is the most confusing to understand. On the one hand, it is our freedom. We get to choose how we live our lives. On the other hand, sometimes our choices harm others, or ourselves, or both, and that is the part, as humans, we have the toughest time understanding. When we fall victim to another, or our loved ones fall victim, this is when we can become a perpetual victim, making every decision in the energy of “life isn’t fair.” Sometimes, it’s true, life isn’t fair, but when we get stuck in the energy that it’s never fair, and/or “we can’t be happy now because our lives are ruined,” then we are abusing our free will and there is a karmic debt that always follows.

In the last chapter I briefly mentioned the ripple effect. I want to expand on that here because it’s that important. Once you grasp this concept and begin applying it to your life, things shift. Water doesn’t have a choice. Should we stand on the edge of a pond, or swimming pool, (and I highly recommend you do this) and begin throwing rocks into the water, it must ripple. It’s science. The water doesn’t say to one rock, “I refuse to ripple because you’re having a bad day,” and say to the next, “Okay, I’ll ripple because you are in the best mood ever, and we want your good mood to affect everything.” No, the water must ripple regardless.

Our lives are cause and effect. Every second of every day. What you think has a ripple effect, especially if you think it with strong emotion attached minute after minute. Our actions have an even bigger effect. You can think, “You are a nasty human being” to the man that broke in line at the grocery store. He may intuitively feel your anger, but the chances of him responding are much less than if you say to him, “You are a nasty human being.” Who knows what could happen? Maybe he’ll pull a gun on you in the parking lot. Or, maybe he will apologize to you, and ask for a hug. Here is what we do know for certain. He is going to ripple. Whether it’s a reaction or a response is mostly up to you.

Do you remember when I said that we either respond or react in life depending on how we are living our truth? Well, if he breaks in front of you and you stop yourself from thinking bad thoughts, and instead think, “Gosh, he must really have someplace important to be,” then you’ll smile a genuine and compassionate smile at him. Then, he might say something like, “I’m so sorry I stepped in front of you. My wife is home with a high fever and I must get this aspirin to her.” The entire moment ripples in a completely different way because YOU are a conscious human being, dealing with the shit life has dealt you, and you’re making a responsive choice instead of a reactive one. So, to recap, living in your full truth is:

  1. Being consciously aware that everything has a ripple effect.

  2. Understanding that while you cannot control anything on the outside of you, you can choose to respond or react.

  3. Should you react instead of responding, you can shift the ripple by making a conscious choice from love.

  4. Understanding that you have the power to decide.

How does this relate to your healing and transformation? Sometimes our emotions are so strong, that we feel one way, but we aren’t sure what to do because we are living inside the frame. In other words, we need someone else to look at our story, our picture, and tell us what they see, and assist in our next best move. This is what I do for my clients. It can be frustrating, at times, though to see where someone is, want to help them, and have them not want to do what it takes to heal their life.


Short Exercise.

Let’s get to your journals.

Make 2 columns. In the first column, write the all the situation or experience where you felt broken. In the other column, write what are your breakthroughs in each situation.

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