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The Power of Growth and Setting Boundaries

Lately, my world has been a rollercoaster of growth and challenges. It's been a journey of self-discovery, laughter, tears, and learning to stand my ground.

My dad once told me, "People show you who they are when you're not being who they need you to be." This advice has never felt more relevant than now.

This year has forced me to confront my "Burger King" boundaries—where for too long, I've let others have it their way at my expense. 🎵*Have it your way, have it your way, at Allyson's expense...*🎵 became a humorous yet tearful revelation in therapy. It marked the end of tolerating deceit, manipulation, and abandonment. I've lost many relationships, but I've gained something invaluable: self-respect.

Growing up in chaos, I mistook turmoil for normalcy. Setting boundaries felt like inviting abandonment, my greatest fear. Yet, the ironic truth is that by allowing others to mistreat me, I was the one abandoning myself. It was a painful realization, but a necessary one.

Saying "enough" and establishing boundaries did shake up my relationships. Those driven by ego or selfishness found it hard to accept the authentic me. It's painful to be deemed disposable by anyone, but it's liberating to understand that your worth isn't defined by their acceptance.

The shift begins with you. Embrace your true self, set boundaries, and maintain them. This journey builds self-esteem and confidence. When people unable to appreciate your authenticity fall away, it hurts, but it also frees you. It makes room for authentic connections, for those who value and celebrate the real you.

Recognize the Red Flags 🚩

  • Secrets and Lies: Integrity matters.

  • Manipulation: Consistency in behavior is key.

  • Communication Issues: Open dialogue is essential.

  • Lack of Boundaries: Respect for personal limits is non-negotiable.

  • Control and Gaslighting: You deserve freedom and trust in your reality.

  • Apologies: Forgiveness is a necessary component of healthy relationships. 

Remember, you're not disposable. You are worthy of love, happiness, and respect. If you are navigating these challenges, consider reaching out for support. You're not alone in this journey.

Embrace your worth. You belong. 💖

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