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The Heart Sees What the Mind Refuses to Understand.

David, a client of mine, is one of the kindest men I have ever met. My first encounter with him was interesting. His wife, Cornelia, called me after David suffered a heart attack. She wanted me to “see what I see” with him. The thing is, she wasn’t exactly sure how to explain the reason for my visit to David.

So, I arrived at David and Cornelia’s home, and Cornelia, with her Southern charm, said, “David, this is Allyson, and you are going to meet with her for a little bit.” She walked out of the room, rather quickly, which left David and I awkwardly staring at one another. “Well,” I managed to say, “I think you’ve been set up.” David chuckled, and I believe his response was, “Oh lord,” before he invited me to sit down. “What exactly does my wife have up her sleeve today?” he asked with a huge grin. “I believe she wants me to read for you,” I responded with great excitement.

When I sat down with David, he asked me what it is that I do. As I explained to him that in addition to being able to communicate with loved ones that have crossed over, I also communicate with the angelic realm, and have been certified in several healing modalities., Information from his dad was flowing to me before I could even finish my spill.

More than anything else, David needed spiritual healing that day. He was at a low point in his life. Not only did he need day-to-day guidance, but he desperately needed to believe and know that there is life after death. His soul was longing to be restored. David was experiencing physical challenges, financial woes, and spiritual stuckness.

I asked David to take three deep cleansing breaths as I closed my eyes. I could see his guides around him. Guides are souls that were human, have lived similar experiences to us, and when they cross over, they take on the job of helping us with our day-to-day lives. Sometimes they are relatives, friends, and other loved ones that left us. Other times, depending on our personality, they can be any person that resonates with our energy. David had heart surgeons guides, construction builders as guides, and a comedian as guides.

I began naming David’s guides, and as I was saying the names, he validated that he knew people that crossed over with the names I was saying. He was smiling, and seemed intrigued, as he asked, “Is this a magic show?” I chuckled. “No, not today.” He went on to say, “I’m sure it’s always for real. It feels real.” We laughed, and I went back into a semi-meditative state, listening and waiting for information.

A few seconds later, I saw a man coming into my energy field. He entered on David’s right side leading me to believe it was his father. I asked David if his father had already crossed over, and he confirmed that his father passed away many years before when David was still coming of age. David’s father came through crystal clear. This does not always happen. In his father’s hand, I saw him holding a small object. While it was easy for me to describe David’s father in great detail, I wasn’t able to do the same with the object he was holding. I could see that it was small. I also felt his father was protecting the object as if it had great sentimental value when his father was alive. Still, The object itself was fuzzy. I asked my angels to tell me what he was holding. I immediately heard the word, “toy.” I then asked what type of toy, and heard, “Mickey Mouse.” Knowing this, I could then very clearly see a tractor. Mickey Mouse was sitting on the tractor and his familiar grin was staring back at me in my mind’s eye. The toy made no sense to me having never seen one like it. I was going to stay silent, but everything inside of me was urging me to share what I was seeing.

The words drifted from my lips, almost in a song I said, “I see your father’s hand holding what I feel like is a toy. I have never seen anything like this before, but he is making me feel that this is very significant, and that this will, without a doubt, show you that he is here with us, and that he is coming through for you.” I continued, “I see a small tractor, and it is either red or orange. Perhaps it was red and has now faded to orange. On the tractor, sitting in the seat is Mickey Mouse. I know it is specifically Mickey because of the classic cap with the black ears.”

Upon opening my eyes, I looked to see David wiping tears away. He choked., “That is my father you are connecting with because that was a toy that he kept on a shelf that we were not allowed to touch.” David went on to explain how his father displayed the 1940’s toy on a bookshelf. David and the other children would do everything they could to reach that toy, and his mother and father made a very big deal about it the entire time David was growing up. He was dumbfounded. “There is no way you could have known that!

It is something I’m not even sure Cornelia knows about, so there’s no way you could know that!” As always with my other clients, I was humbled and honored to be able to connect David to his father. The meeting restored David’s faith, and opened his eyes to the reality that our souls do go on.

As the months passed, I would visit Cornelia on different occasions, and David would always lead me into his office. He was so proud to have his list of guides I channeled for him, and he was so thankful to have the opportunity to ask for their help. David would say, “See, Allyson, here’s the list you gave me. I keep it right here beside my computer. I use it all the time.” David has an amazing and infectious smile. I would find myself smiling right back at him and nodding my head in agreement. David’s father showed the pure love in his heart for his son by coming through for us, with the Mickey Mouse tractor, and restoring David’s smile again. This is one of the many reasons I love my life and the work that God has graced me with through my intuitive gifts.

This story is important for you, too. You see, you have an entire spiritual team that truly loves you. Many things cause us to lose our faith. It’s important for you to know that our spiritual team never moves away from us. We are the ones that move. We are the ones that back away. We get blocked, not the other way around. If you are feeling abandoned by your spiritual team, or you simply don’t know how to utilize them for your best and highest good, well, you are in the right place, at the right time, reading the right material.

Your spiritual team consists of the following:

  • God/Goddess energy

  • Archangels

  • Angels

  • Masters

  • Spirit guides

  • Animal Totems

  • Crossed Over Loved Ones

If you can, think of a curtain hanging between this reality and the reality we call “heaven.” Now, see your loved ones closest to the curtain. Then see the animal totems directly behind them. Then, the spirit guides and so forth. This doesn’t mean that God is farthest away from us. It’s more a hierarchy. Energy vibrates at different levels.

Because we have flesh, even though we are spiritual beings, our energy vibrates lower than our loved ones who have gone before us. Their energy vibrates lower than animal totems and so forth. So, your first line of defense is your crossed over loved ones, but they are not angels. Your crossed over loved ones, however, can communicate directly to angels. Yes, they can actually walk right up to an angel and say, “Hey there! My daughter is interviewing tomorrow with a company where she wants to work, like desperately, so could you whisper in her prospective bosses’ ear that she is the best candidate?” Your role in all of this is to have a daily spiritual practice where you are asking for the help you need, and asking how you can best serve others, not necessarily in that order.

It’s sad to think of how many people I know who miss out on miracles because they don’t have a daily spiritual practice. Shame is the culprit. Let’s face it. Once you begin a daily spiritual practice, you will, at some point, be required to face your own shit. The challenge most people face, and don’t even realize it, is that they refuse to feel any pain whatsoever. This is what is known as spiritual bypassing, and it’s a serious issue for a lot of people. We will dive deeper into this in another chapter. For now, let’s get you some of the help you need.

SHORT EXERCISE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Grab your journal and write down a list of everything you need help with right now. It can be as simple as replacing a screen on a window to something much more serious like a health issue or paying the rent this month. Once the list is made, number them in order of importance with the number one being the most urgent, number two being less urgent than number one and so on. Once the list is complete, looking at number one, allow yourself to feel what it would be like for that problem to be completely solved. What thoughts go through your mind when you think about the resolution? Then, think of your favorite angel or loved one who has made their transition to the other side. Write them a quick note, or even a long letter, focusing only on the help you need to solve the problem you are facing. Ask them, as specifically as you can, to help you solve the issue. Ex: Perhaps you have a flat tire. Let’s say you don’t have the money to repair it, and you need a small miracle to get your car up and running. Ask your angels (or deceased loved one) to send you a new tire. Don’t think about how it will come, who it will come from, the cost, the labor or anything else. Simply ask for the tire and then be open to receiving it however your spiritual help wants to deliver it to you. I’d love to hear how this works out for you, and if you’ve experienced anything like this in the past.

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