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The Gift of Stillness: How Finding Inner Peace Can Unlock Solutions

Be Still…

This has been the theme for my life the past few weeks. The Universe has beckoned me to stop worrying, stop trying so hard, release control, to have a huge amount of patience (I’m an Aries - that's not easy), and to find peace all while witnessing a million little things happen around me.

It’s never just one thing. Our brain and emotions can handle one thing very well. It’s when there is one thing, then another, and another, and another that our nervous system has the tendency to get overloaded quickly. If we aren’t careful, we find ourselves in an emotional crisis.

I was very close to that if I’m honest. I’ll spare you the details. They aren’t important.

The phrase, "Be still," is derived from a Hebrew word "rapha" which means to be weak, let go, and release. I can feel the lump forming in my throat by simply typing this because of how much I find myself wanting to control it all. I want to control people staying on the planet, not emotionally abandoning us, and my own strong emotions from loss and grief. It’s heavy.

Being still means we put down the heavy load. We didn’t create it anyway, so why carry it?

Letting go often means we release things that no longer serve us. But…sometimes the Universe requires us to release those things that we believe bring us safety and contentment. We want to feel warm and cozy, or at the very least, believe we are sheltered. It’s all meaningless, though. If we think about Syria and Turkey and the tragedies of recent multiple earthquakes, that cozy bed and shelter can be gone in a nanosecond.

Being still means we begin to understand that our safety is not outside of us. We have absolutely no control over how others behave, what they think, and we certainly don’t have any control over seismic waves. Yet, we want to control it all and therein lies the issue with most of us. Instead of accepting what we can’t control, we thrash about making all sorts of noise hoping we will finally feel safe.

It doesn’t work.

What does work very well is being still. However, it doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. Once we allow ourselves to become still, we then open ourselves to hearing our inner voice - that co-creative voice that is us and the Universe and no one else. That voice can lead us to super scary (and usually super powerful) steps. The resistance is real! Why? Because, again, we don’t want to leave our cozy nest of emotional (dys)comfort. Because if we do...then, what?

When we are still, we are basically saying to the Universe, “I am willing to surrender it all and open myself up to all self-preservation. My guard is down. Bring it!”

It’s calming and terrifying all at the same time.

The other challenge of being still is to know when to act. Do we stay still after we receive our next guided step? Do we take radical action? Do we wait to hear the entire plan before taking the first step? The answer is, “Yes!” Yes to all of the above. It may be one or all three actions. Only you know but you won’t know unless you stay still enough to feel into your core essence; there is a part of you that innately knows your way, your truth, and your life path.

Be still and know.

All my love and support,


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