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Huge Things are Happening Here!

To My Valued Clients and Followers,

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits while enjoying a very hot summer! This month's blog is going to be a bit different from my usual posts because I want to share some exciting news about the future of Unapologetic Power and how I am aiming to serve you over the next several months.

I am constantly striving to provide you with the best programs and events to support your personal and professional growth through my company Unapologetic Power. Whether you are looking to improve your personal life, or take your professional life to the next level, you need three pillars to build personal power: mindset work, spirituality, and continuous skill development. My main goal is to insure that you're unlocking your full potential and taking meaningful steps toward creating the life you desire. Here are some ways we are offering to help you grow over the next few months.

Upcoming Live AND Virtual Event: Behind the Power 2023!

October is going to be an extraordinary month filled with impact and insight and I want you to be part of it! Mark your calendars for Behind the Power, taking place October 17 - 20th. This event brings together the best of both worlds - an enriching in-person gathering and an immersive virtual experience. Yes, we are bringing our virtual option back and it's better than ever

Join me, along with 12 powerful speakers, for three days filled with insightful sessions, interactive panels, and invaluable networking opportunities. Whether you attend in person or connect with us virtually, rest assured that we'll deliver an event unlike any other, guaranteed to leave you inspired and equipped with actionable strategies that include our three pillars - mindset, spirituality and new skills - to expand your life in every single way!

So, save the date, AND for a sneak peak and the opportunity to be in on the early, early bird special, you'll need to register for FREE virtual summit which leads me to the next piece of news...

Don't Miss this FREE Virtual Summit: Expand Your Brand! Everything Starts With Your Story

Before Behind the Power in October I have something special planned for you this month. I am thrilled to present the Expand Your Brand Virtual Summit and you can register for free! This summit is an exceptional opportunity to learn more about HOW to use your personal story to build a deep and meaningful connection with your audience. In today's busy marketplace, it's important to STAND OUT in the crowd.

The speakers will be taking a deep dive into everything mindset, along with some mind-blowing stories of just how powerful we are under stress. You'll also learn how to tap into your spirituality in a way that blends naturally into your day-to-day life, along with new skills to tap into the blank spaces in your messaging. If your clients aren't saying, "Yes!" to your offers, then something is missing. Come find out what that something is and how to solve it during this very special week of events.

Open Enrollment for A Seat in Unapologetic Power

If you're ready to make an internal shift that will revolutionize your life, I have something exceptional for you. I invite you to consider my acclaimed coaching program, Unapologetic Power. Designed for those seeking transformation from within, this program provides a nurturing environment for personal growth and self-discovery. Unapologetic Power empowers you to break through barriers, overcome limiting beliefs, and unlock your true potential. I have decided to open up a few more spots in this annual program, and I promise you it is always the right time to embark on this remarkable journey of self-realization.

If you'd like to be considered for the program, here is the link to apply.

Stay Connected:

I don't want you to miss a thing. Stay connected with me on my social media platforms and turn on your notifications to receive updates, early access, and exclusive content. You're my priority, and I want to make sure you're always in the loop.

Exciting times lie ahead, and I'm thrilled to have you as part of my community as we embark on this incredible journey together. I sincerely thank you for your continued support and belief in my mission.

Here's to always embracing change, unlocking new levels of potential, and creating a life that is genuine and desired. May you always be soaring to greater heights.

All my love and support,


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