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Do You Believe In Magic?

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if magic exists in our world. When people hear the word magic, they tend to believe it has something to do with a man dressed up in a cheesy tuxedo performing tricks and illusions for everyone’s amusement. A child believes these illusions to be true, and these tricks to be brilliant until they grow up and learn that all magicians have tricks of their own to deceive the audience. When I hear the word “magic,” I think of my mom, but the right word would be magnificent. To understand the importance of this book and to comprehend how special my mom is you have to know a little bit about her past.

There’s a saying about moms growing eyes in the back of their heads when they have children; that it is typical for them to know about things going on with their kids before they actually receive the information. Throughout my life I figured my mom seemed so in touch with everything going on around us because she’s a parent, and parents just know everything. The older and more observant I became, the more I realized my mom was anticipating things that no one, no matter how maternal, could anticipate. From premonitions to visions of beings and scenarios, I slowly started to realize my mom was very in touch with a power greater than anything we know on this earth. The way she talks about angels, you would think they were standing right in front of her in plain sight. When she prays, meditates, or gathers her thoughts through some kind of personal ritual, it is like she is holding hands and walking side by side with a higher power. When she speaks of healing, she seems so all-knowing, and intuitively connected to everything around her. It is hard to get used to something like this, being around someone that claims to be able to feel your emotions and know what is really going on with you. It is an intimidating thing, and somewhat overwhelming which is why some, including myself at times, choose to remain skeptical.

That’s not all there is to know, though. I’m not going to go into extensive detail, because an introduction to a great book is always skipped over to get to the good stuff, but to keep things simple I will say that my mom comes from a complicated family full of secrets. One in particular that affected her. When she was forty-two years old, her life changed. To say it was soul-shattering and life altering is to say the very least. Most people would have flung themselves into a textbook mid-life crisis and let everything around them get worse but that’s not something my mom was willing to let happen. She has always been so headstrong, so determined, but a cloud always fogged her vision because she didn’t have full clarity about her own life. Yet she was trying to tirelessly give others what they needed. It was a vicious cycle of helping others before she helped herself. At the time, when she learned the truth about who she is, it seemed like the worst news possible. Now looking back, I’d say it is the best thing that could have happened.

Somewhere in the rubble of memories I do have from those years, I remember my mom coming to me and saying that she wanted to turn her pain into healing and most of all, she wanted to help others. At the time, I didn’t quite know what she meant; I figured she was going to go be a volunteer at a hospital or a food bank like any typical person trying to give a little back to their community. The plans my mom had in store were different. While it was difficult to see her go through these things, her transformation was truly inspirational to watch. The aftermath of all of this ended in heartbreak, and some despair, but twelve years later my mom is the happiest I’ve seen her in a long time. She is also stronger and clearer than I can ever remember.

We are all a part of something much more significant than our brains will allow us to comprehend. You and I, yes you – the person reading this, are connected simply because we live on this Earth, and the rest of the connections we have are entirely up to us. Who we speak to, who we live with, who we love...these are all connections made that tie us into the universe and the part we will play. Many of us struggle throughout our lives to know which role we should take on, and what exactly we are meant to do in our short time here. Some try to find answers through prayer or meditation of sorts, others turn to professional help, and the few unfortunate people that get overwhelmed by the whole ordeal, and feel they will never know their purpose, simply give up. Are we all connected somehow and part of something miraculous, or are we just molecules in our solar system going about the natural way of life until we perish? For a while, these answers and many more seemed unattainable, and I got into the habit of thinking my actions and decisions had no relevance, no impact. It is hard to imagine thinking this way now, because my mom holds the conviction that the answers we seek lie within ourselves, and sometimes even in less noticeable portals such as passed on loved ones, dreams, signs from God, and most of all your subconscious. The greatest lesson I have learned from her is to listen to the little voice inside our heads that we all hear every day and choose to ignore eighty-five percent of the time because we are too distracted by the outside world, or we simply think we are crazy for thinking such things. She’s also taught me to trust my inner-child. This has been life changing for me, even as her daughter.

We take for granted the ability to really feel what is going on around us every day because we are stuck in traffic trying to go to work, or at the gym focused on looking good for beach season, or simply trying to relax and watch our favorite show. Of course, these things are natural to do, and you cannot be one-hundred percent focused into your subconscious all the time, but we all need to learn to take a second and listen to what some call instinct, and others call a gift.

What my mom has is a gift. She goes beyond instinct and taps into something completely different. It is like she is a portal all on her own and answers just come to her. Sometimes the answers she receives are not welcome. For instance, she has told me a few times there are things she has known are going to happen and she just wants to stop them, but she can’t. That is a painful part of an otherwise extraordinary talent she has been given, and the beautiful part is that she helps people and turns her gift into healing. It isn’t the typical Reiki or energy healing she does; it is something that can only be explained by meeting her or experiencing one of her readings. She places her hands on you, and you can feel the love pouring out of them as she takes your spirit, feels every inch of your pain, struggles, and fears, and sends them out into the universe, placing them directly into God’s hands. She helps you find love and freedom from the chains in which your soul was keeping them imprisoned. It is simply magnificent and something I have never imagined possible. I have watched client after client come into my mom’s life broken, lost, and desperate for answers and have watched them blossom into completely different people. They love her for it, but more importantly they love themselves again. My mom could have taken the easy way out of the pain; she could have used her free will and chosen any path. She could have chosen, in her immense pain, to never cope with it. However, I am proud to say, she not only dealt with her own pain, but she is now turning other people’s pain into love. That is what I call magic.


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