Lean into your unique strengths with the LIVE Spiritual Success Archetype Intensive - Only $97!

Lean into your strengths with a LIVE SSA Life Intensive - ONLY $97!


You're a Manifestor


Manifestors have the Midas touch. Manifestors have a loose grip on reality in a way most would envy and are able to feel themselves in situations that have not yet happened. Manifestors tend to see things through rose-colored glasses, and because of this, they operate on an extremely high vibrational level.


The Gift 


Manifestors are powerful and filled with gratitude. They have mastered the practices of mindset over matter and constantly search for the positive along their path. 


The Challenge


Manifestors, in their quest for the positive, can sometimes become emotionally unavailable. They have a high expectation for those closest to them to share the same mindset and become frustrated when that doesn’t happen.

Likely Careers


Banker, Realtor, Insurance Agent, Event Planner, Entrepreneur, Magician/Hypnotist

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