Lean into your unique strengths with the LIVE Spiritual Success Archetype Intensive - Only $97!

Lean into your strengths with a LIVE SSA Life Intensive - ONLY $97!


You're a Healer


Healers are the natural peacemakers. These are the people that everyone turns to for help. They’ve quite often experienced major trauma in their lives, e.g. loss of family, near-death experience, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, or mental illness. They’ve had some sort of spiritual awakening as a result of trauma and because of this, experience things on a much deeper level.


The Gift 

Healers are in touch with the spiritual realm, therefore, they can connect easily to angels, guides, and other ethereal beings for the purpose of healing themselves and others.

The Challenge


Healers can be quick to heal others without focusing on their own issues first, causing them to cross major boundaries. They can also become overweight or addicted to alcohol/drugs in an attempt to cope with the vast difference between here and “the other side.”  

Likely Careers


Any position in the medical field, coaches (mental, physical, or spiritual), Public Relations, Historian, Human Resources, Non-Profit

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