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Becoming the Boss of Your Brain

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Because you’ve purchased the book Behind the Power, you deserve a special bonus gift to accompany the material in the book. So I’ve created a special meditation just for you - Becoming the Boss of Your Brain.

This Audio Book includes:

  • A forty-minute guide to help you understand the mechanics of your brain, why it’s so difficult to make changes, and how to get started,

  • Uplifting music that hides subliminal messages to activate your subconscious mind into submitting to your conscious mind so that you can make lasting improvements, and

  • A rundown of Cognitive Behavior techniques along with Spirituality (Personalized Science) to get you moving in a forward direction with ease, grace and clarity.

You’ll also receive a chance to spend time with me LIVE and IN-PERSON during my ongoing FREE webinars. 


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