Release Blocks | Clear Energy | Welcome Abundance
on a cellular level!
Allyson Roberts presents...

Chakra Prosperity Activation

You can have the best financial education in the world, but if your energy is blocked, money cannot reach you.

Clear your energetic field

Fine-tune your vibrational frequency

Achieve perfect (yes, perfect) balance

Then, watch the flood gates open. 

Hi, I'm Allyson.

As an intuitive coach and owner of Outrageous Freedom, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and discovered early on this simple truth:


I can give the best guidance in the world, but until your vessel is clear, you’re not able to receive it. 


With this video, you can now free yourself of energy blocks and welcome in prosperity all by yourself.

“After doing this activation, I woke the next morning with $479 in book sales, an invitation to a paid speaking event, and closed huge numbers that day at work. This is the real deal.”
-Allegra D.

What you get. 

7 Chakra Overview

Various Chakra Unblocking Techniques

Warning signs - how Blocked Chakras Manifest

Chakra Maintenance - How to keep your energy field clear

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